Workshops from LT Entertainment

Workshops are available for MAGIC, CIRCUS SKILLS, & BALLOON MODELLING!

For Your Business

Run a business that caters to children? Add Balloon Modelling to your staff's skillset with a workshop from LT Entertainment. All equipment will be provided on the day with an option to purchase as needed.

Need to add some extra skills to your service staff? Basic juggling or magic skills can add some extra flair and is a great talking point.


Studies have show juggling can help develop left-right brain communication, visual tracking, spatial thinking and proprioception. It can also provide calming and therapeutic benefits.

See below link for a Cambridge University study showing how juggling increases connections in the brain.

See below link from BBC News article stating that juggling improves grades in pupils with dyslexia and also boosts self esteem.

Any age. Any size. Workshops will be tailored to meet your needs.
Workshops focus on fun as well as learning and developing skills.

We also have experience in providing workshops for those with learning disabilities and special needs.